Online Gas Composition

This service provides continuous, on-line monitoring of natural gas composition on site, including corrosive and hazardous components.

In addition to continuous compositional analysis of produced or injected gases, the service allows to apply tracer based techniques for well integrity and production surveillance.


  • Identify type of hydrocarbons contained in annuli
  • Identify levels of corrosive components in annuli
  • Identify hazardous components in annuli
  • Online quality control of gas in gas pipe lines
  • Reference input parameters for fiscal metering
  • Gas property input for multiphase metering
  • Online optimization of test separators
  • Monitor input gas stream to gas turbines
  • Calculation of calorific value for gas distribution


  • Acoustic measurements in the wellbore
  • Pressure and temperature gradients
  • Sampling and gas analysis when required
  • Gas density measurements when required
  • Tracer based gas lift surveillance
  • Tracer based leak detection


  • No intervention required
  • Cost effective operations
  • Low risk
  • Online analysis
  • Immediate results
  • Continuous, unattended measurement
  • No fuel or carrier gas required