Gas Lift Surveillance

This service using the Tracer Metering System (TMS) monitors the status, integrity and efficiency of the gas lift system, enabling non-interventional, on-line gas lift surveillance.

The TMS equipment provides a cost-effective alternative to flowing gradient surveys, with no production losses or intervention in the well.


  • Direct, on-line measurements of lift and production gases
  • Lifting depth and down-hole gas lift distribution
  • Tubing and casing leak detection
  • Temperature and pressure gradients in the injecting annulus and production tubing
  • Dynamic modelling and simulation of gas lifted production


  • Gas lift rate and net produced gas values
  • Pressure and temperature gradient in the well bore
  • Single or multi-point injection
  • Lifting depth
  • Liquid level
  • Tubing and casing integrity
  • Compositional analysis of lifting and production gases


  • No production losses
  • No intervention required
  • Safe and reliable operations and immediate results
  • Cost effective
  • Direct measurements, low uncertainty