Direct Leak Metering

Direct leak metering enables accurate measurements of gas, liquid and combined leaks in downhole well barrier elements.

The potential consequence of a leak is proportional to the leak rate. Regulations and company specific criteria define maximum allowable leak rates.


  • Tubing and casing leaks
  • Leaks in plug or packer elements
  • Leaks in downhole safety valve
  • Leaks in gas lift or unloading valves
  • Leaks in X-mas tree valves
  • Leaks in ESD valve
  • Leaks in surface valves / systems


  • Fully documented leak rate measurements
  • Fully documented leak rate conditions
  • Fluid density, pressure, temperature and volum
  • In-house developed software with advanced signal conditioning and interpretation capabilities


  • No intervention required
  • Only a partial bleeddown required
  • Direct measurement
  • High accuracy