Acoustic logging

These services are primarily used for the identification of anomalies and liquid level movements in tubing and annuli. Annuli hydrocarbon storage volumes can be quantified, and downhole liquid leaks identified and measured using this technology.

Acoustic surveillance can also be used to monitor reservoir pressure during shut-in periods, accurately and without well intervention.


  • Measure liquid level in tubing or annuli
  • Monitor reservoir pressure
  • Quantification of gas volumes contained in annuli
  • Leak testing of plugs and downhole valves
  • Identify anomalies / deformation in tubing or casing
  • Monitor depletion of gas fields
  • Monitor liquid loading in gas wells
  • Liquid control during drilling and completion


  • Acoustic measurements in the wellbore
  • Pressure and temperature measurements
  • Sampling and gas analysis when required
  • Gas density measurements when required
  • In-house developed software with advanced
  • signal conditioning and interpretation capabilities


  • No intervention required
  • Cost-effective operations
  • Low risk
  • Immediate results
  • Online data delivery