Wireless Valve Control And Position Monitoring

Where: North Sea
When: 2018 - 2022
Duration: 5 days for instalation
Crew: 2 Engineers
Wireless Valve Monitoring
3 Pelicases


A major operator in the North Sea was performing a major automation project on an offshore installation. The rigs mud system consisted primarily of manual butterfly valves with no feedback to the control system. The client wanted a cost-efficient system for both real-time monitoring position of manual valves, as well as actuated control of selected valves.


ScanWell supplied a complete wireless system for real time monitoring of valve position as well as pneumatically actuated controllers using WirelessHART technology. System integration with rig SCADA system as well as wireless service tools was also included as deliverables. ScanWell also provided a complete NORSOK DFO documentation package.


System testing was performed and accepted onshore prior to handover of all equipment to Client for installation offshore. The system is planned to be operational by Q1 2022

Client Value

The wireless system solution was significantly more cost efficient than traditional systems for valve monitoring and feedback loops. Time used for installation and commissioning offshore is also drastically reduced which was and important decision factor for the client.

Scanwell Case Study Wireless Monitoring System Valves