Temporary Wireless Pressure Monitoring System for P&A

Where: North Sea
When: 2018-2022
Duration: 2 days of instalation
Crew: 1 Engineer
Wireless Pressure Monitoring
1 Pelicase


A major operator in the North Sea was conducting 4-year P&A campaign on multiple offshore installations using Jack-Up Rigs. During P&A the X-Mas tree is removed and all instrumentation is lost. Client needed a temporary and movable system for live pressure data on all annuli between the rigs to ensure safe operations and well barrier control.


ScanWell supplied a wireless pressure monitoring system with base radio and communications modules installed on the Jack-Up Rig and battery operated WirelessHART pressure transmitters that could be moved from well to well. Multiple repeaters were installed to ensure communication between rigs.


Initial installation time was two days, and client received stable live pressure data from wellhead to drilling deck. The systems have been used on a multitude of wells and moved between several offshore installations since being installed.

Client Value

The wireless system has dramatically cut cost and rig-time for the client removing the need to run cabled sensors and datalink between the rigs each time the Jack-Up rig moves between wells and installations.


Scanwell Case Study Temporary Wireless Pressure Monitoring System for PA