Leak Point Detection using Acoustics and Density measurements

Where: North Sea
When: July 2020
Duration: 2 hours
Crew: 1 Engineer
LEak Point Detection Using Acoustics and Density Measurements
2 Skids


A liquid filled well with known communication between tubing and production annulus. Wireline had previously installed plug in tubing, but still full communication between annulus and tubing. Another plug would be needed from onshore causing time delay.


ScanWell were out to perform PM work on neighboring wells. ScanWell proposed to bullhead tubing using available lift-gas and circulate liquid through leak point and measure flowrate and density on annulus side. When gas breakthrough detected on density, perform acoustic to determine depth of gas-liquid interface.


Leak point weas found at 733 ft, above the already set plug. Confirmed that wireline plug were not leaking, and corrected plug set depth were determined.

Client Value

Based on the data from ScanWell the wireline operation could continue with program without downtime due to waiting on spare wireline plug.


Leak Point Detection using Acoustics and Density measurements